Free Web Site Offer

Executive Web Hosting is offering a free web site (or web site redesign) to new customers who sign up for one year of web hosting.

Our Requirements

  1. You must be a new customer.
  2. For web site redesigns to qualify it must be static in nature.
  3. You need to have your own domain name. You may:
    • Register a new domain name from Executive Web Hosting, or

    • Purchase a new domain name from elsewhere and use Executive Web Hosting nameservers, or

    • Set an existing domain name from elsewhere to use Executive Web Hosting nameservers, or

    • Transfer an existing domain name to Executive Web Hosting.

  4. You must purchase an annual hosting account, any plan.
  5. Call 888-834-1559 toll free, or email our Sales Department, and tell us you want your free web site.

What You Get

Along with a year of hosting, you get:

  • WordPress - The worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS) installed and configured allowing you to easily add and edit pages and photos. You get all the great features of WordPress such as a Photo Gallery, Blog Posts, and sidebars that are Widget ready.

  • Custom Theme - We will create a totally unique WordPress theme for you that will be different from all other web sites in the world.

  • Branding - We will integrate your logo, colors, and images in the template, or we will help you create a brand if you don't have one yet.

  • Pages - You get a Home page, About page, Contact page with an email form, Location page with Google map if applicable, and your Service and Product pages.

  • Social Media - We will integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts and add social bookmarks for you.

  • Training - We will even train you how to use WordPress as required.

  • Existing Sites - Your static content converted to a custom WordPress theme plus the above.

Your Benefits

  • A custom WordPress web site professionally created for free!
  • A web site you have control over.
  • The same hosting features every customer gets, including email.
  • The absolute best personal service and support around!

The Fine Print

  • Web sites will be built on a strict first-come, first serve basis.
  • Redesigned web sites must be static (with the exception of email contact forms).
  • We will not provide or write content for you. You must provide the content for your pages. If you have large amounts of data to input, we'll show you how.
  • All web sites will be created for WordPress. We will not substitute WordPress with another Content Management System (CMS), provide custom WordPress widgets, or modify the default WordPress functionality for free.
  • We will not do hand-coding, PHP or Javascript coding, e-commerce or shopping carts, application programming, or database design and/or development for free.
  • We reserve the right to modify our conditions on a case-by-case basis. It doesn't cost you anything to ask for something special.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any new web site design, or redesign, for any reason what-so-ever. A full refund will be given if already paid.
  • We reserve the right to end this offer at any time.
  • All customers must agree and abide by the same Terms of Service (TOS) as our other hosting accounts.


Traditionally, our work load decreases during the summer months for some unknown (to us) reason. To offset that trend, we came up with the bright idea of giving away free web sites.

We hope to:

  1. Promote our name and talent to those who don't know us yet.
  2. Increase our customer base.
  3. Keep from becoming as bored as we were last summer.
  4. Offer a cheap entry point to those thinking of a web presence but just not sure.
  5. Offer those dissatisfied with their current provider to learn what real service is.