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Article About Apache
Apache is the program on our servers used to view web pages. What are the maximum number of...
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Article Am I allowed to have MP3s?
You are allowed to host MP3 files, but you may not host any files with a copyright belonging to...
Views: 657
Article Anti-virus
There is no need for us to provide anti-virus on a Linux box. We manage this, and our security...
Views: 602
Article Are your servers Unix / Linux, or Windows NT?
All Executive Web Hosting shared servers run on CentOS Linux, which is code identical to Red Hat...
Views: 774
Article ASP (Active Server Pages)
We do not support .asp on our Linux servers. You need a Windows dedicated server.
Views: 778
Article Compatible Technologies
Does Executive Web Hosting support what I need? Important NoticeThis page doesn't mean that we...
Views: 2754
Article Do you support LAMP?
LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Yes, we do have all of these on our server....
Views: 630
Article Payment Methods
We accept the following methods of payment for all products and services. Credit Cards - Visa,...
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Article PHP 5.3
A handler for PHP 5.3 is added to our server for those who wish to utilize it. In order to...
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Article PHP Modules
These modules are currently installed on our server. If you are missing any of these modules,...
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Article What software and program versions does Executive Web Hosting offer?
Quick Reference Apache 2.2.17 PHP 5.2.15 and 5.3.4 (dual environment) Perl...
Views: 1687
Article What version of PHP are you using?
We have PHP 5 installed on our server. Please read the related article for the current, specific...
Views: 574
Article Mirrors
We've had a number of questions regarding whether or not Executive Web Hosting would be a...
Views: 698
Article Will my existing email accounts be transferred over as well?
We will always be able to create your email accounts. If your previous hosting company uses...
Views: 691
Article Will my website work in China?
China has a sophisticated firewall. The government blocks many sites because of their variety of...
Views: 816
Article Will you place ads on my site?
Executive Web Hosting will NOT place ads on your site. That is one of the many advantages of...
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